How to start blogging and earn money in 2022


 How to start blogging and earn money in 2022

How to start blogging and earn 1000$ per month in 2022 ;

how to start blogging and earn money

Hello, this is Shehab Mahmud Sabbir a full stack web developer also a digital marketer. today I am gonna tell you about how to make money from blogging and earn more than 1000$ per month. so first of all I wanna tell you that if you wanna start blogging so you need a website to write about your niche.

So let me know about blogging. what is blogging?

 Firstly I would tell you that blogging is a passion. then I would tell you blogging means to share your opinion and comments and also advice on how to solve any topic like you love traveling or love computer technology. so now you were traveling somewhere and enjoy this very much and gather some experience. so now you make a web site and write something about you traveling and experience and also about enjoying or you buy a phone and use it and then write something or opinion about your phone in your website that’s called blogging. It means your daily life problem solving or experience to share with other people using websites and blogging.


So let me know how to earn money from blogging?

If you have a website and start writing something about a niche like an experience or traveling or you buying product review and post it on your web site. and then people are coming into your website and reading your post or article. so in this time, a huge number of people are engaged with your website or blogsite .then you have to apply for Google Adsense. if you don,t know about google AdSense so you just search it on google or youtube you will know more about Google Adsense .so after applying google Adsense and your website if fulfill their requirement so then they will approve your site to google partnership. and they will show google ads on your website and people are watching ads on your website  and then you will make revenue from blogging or Google Adsense


So let's know what do I need to start blogging from a beginner?

You need a website and you will start blogging for your profession so you need to buy a domain and hosting and you have to make a website on this domain hosting. if you don,t know how to make a website so visit here or search on youtube .or you don,t have money or don,t wanna invest money so you can make a site on a google blogger you do,t have to invest any money there. so make a nice and attractive website for you blogging

If you have done to make a beautiful website then you have to write a post or article into your website  and write high-value content niche

So let,s know what do you have to after writing an article?

After writing an article and posting it completely into your website then you need to dive more visitors to your website. so you need to more organic traffic. if you don,t know what is organic traffic no problem I will tell you that. organic traffic means a visitor who comes from google into your site that,s means when someone searches on google a specific topic and if your site has indexed into google search console and indexed your article on google so in this time if a visitor search a topic and your site will be matched so google will show it visitor result.


How to get organic traffic to your blog?

Targeted organic traffic is the most valuable source of traffic for your blog because it’s traffic that converts.

By ‘convert’, we mean a number of things:

·         Users are more likely to stay longer on your page, reading your post

·         Are more likely to subscribe to your newsletter

·         Are more likely to enquire about your services

·         Are more likely to buy your products

We will cover each of these in more detail in the last section of the post, but for now, let’s see how you can get more search engine traffic for your blog.

how to start blogging and earn money

You need great content

Although I have covered all of that  I’m mentioning this again because it is extremely important. If your content is not up to Google standards, then whatever you will read below, will not work.

You need to get your technical SEO correct

Technical SEO has to do with your blog setup and how well it is optimized for search engines.

Your blogging platform (especially if it’s WordPress), is by default SEO friendly, but still, there are a number of things to check and change to make it even better.

Things like:

·         Blog structure

·         URL Structure

·         XML Sitemap optimization

·         Use of Schema Markups

·         Canonical URLs

·         Optimizing your category and tag pages

·         Website Speed

·         Mobile Friendliness and Accelerated Mobile Pages

·         Webmaster tools SEO

Are all very important in the process.


You need to get your On-Page SEO correct

how to start blogging and earn money

On-page SEO goes one step above technical SEO and has to do with how you can make your content and webpages more visible to search engines.

On-Page SEO Techniques

When reviewing your on-page SEO, you will deal with things like:

·         Optimized titles and description

·         Post Length

·         Use of images and video within your content

·         Proper use of Headings and post formatting

·         Internal linking best practices for maximum SEO


You need to work on your Off-Page SEO

how to start blogging and earn money

All the actions described so far for increasing your organic traffic, have to do with items you can change/optimize on your website.

Another very important aspect of getting more traffic from search engines is off-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO is the process of promoting your website on the Web for the purpose of increasing awareness for your content, products, or services.

Off-Page SEO

In other words, you need to let other website owners know that you exist. The benefits of doing so are a lot:

·         Search engines are more likely to rank higher websites that have references (links) from other websites.

·         You will get more traffic.

·         You will establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

As I mentioned many times before:

Good On-Page SEO can get you to the first pages of Google while good Off-Page SEO, can get you to the top positions.

The most popular and effective off-page SEO method is link building.

What is link building and why it is very important?

Search engine ranking algorithms are always looking for ways to understand the quality of a website.

The main intent of a search engine, and in particular Google, is to keep their users happy by presenting them with websites that have good content, are easy to navigate and in general, are considered to be of high quality.

Besides the on-page SEO optimizations, another way to convince them that your website falls into this category is to have external links from other websites pointing to your website’s pages.

Other things being equal, the website with the most incoming links, will rank higher in the SERPS.

Link building is a complicated topic and one that beginners to blogging find difficult to understand. I know this from experience and from the feedback I get from my blog readers and clients.

What you should know about link building at this stage is:

·         It’s not a matter of quantity but it’s mostly a matter of quality. This means that there is no magic number on how many links you need to get to achieve high rankings but from where these links are coming.

·         Links related to your topic websites that have high Google trust are more valuable than links from article directories or other low-quality websites.

·         If you engage in black hat link-building practices (i.e. buying links, exchanging links with others), you will get into trouble with Google.

·         Google’s algorithms will penalize your website for trying to manipulate their algorithms and as a result, you will lose all your rankings

Build a community around your brand

Once you have a blog with great content and the traffic starts to flow in, your next step is to build a community around your brand.

A common mistake that beginners make is to skip this step and go directly to the money-making part but this is not the most efficient way.

Before making any sales (conversions), you first need to gain the user’s trust and this is achieved through community building.

Notice that I used the term ‘brand’ and not just blog and this is done on purpose.

At this stage, you need to stop thinking about your blog as a hobby but you need to change your mindset and approach it like you would approach a ‘real’ business.

We all know that branding is a very important aspect of the success of any business and your blog is not an exception to this rule.

There are many things you can do related to branding (like having a distinct logo, unique slogan, etc.), and community building is one of them.

Google AdSense

I’m a great AdSense fun, I admit it! I’ve been an AdSense publisher for more than 15 years now and although there are alternatives, Google Adsense it’s still one of the best ways to make money online.

I’m using Adsense on my blogs and so far, I’ve earned a nice 6 figure amount.

I’m not using Adsense on this blog because as you will read below, there are cases where AdSense is not the best way to monetize your blog.

A few things you should know about making money with AdSense:

Easy and reliable

Adsense is very easy to use and reliable. All you need is a blog with great content and lots of traffic.

You add AdSense to your blog and when people click on one of your ads you get the 68% of the money paid by the advertiser (the remaining 32% goes to Google for proving this service).

It’s reliable because you know that Google will pay you on time and will do anything they can to protect the system from fraud and spam.

You can choose what type of ads to show, how often to show them, how the ads will look, and many other things.

How much money can you make from AdSense?

The amount of money you can make from Adsense depends on three things:

·         Your organic traffic levels

·         Placement of your ads

·         The number of available advertisers for your niche.

Let us quickly examine these factors:

Obviously, the more traffic you have, the more money you can make from Adsense. It’s as simple as that.

To make money from Adsense, you need people to click on your ads and the position of your ads on the page is a very important factor.

Although the best way is to test different ad placements and find out which placements work better for you when you put Adsense in your main content (as opposed to the sidebar and footer), you can expect higher click-through rates (CTR) and this means more earnings.

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